2021 BBC Audio Drama Awards * commendation: Year of Reinvention * Connections by Michael Southan, Anita Karla Kelly, Leanne Allen, Kathryn Golding and Shahid Iqbal Khan, script advisor Sarah Daniels

“The judges wish to commend the rapid turnaround of five short pieces, supported by the Audio Content Fund, which had dramas played out on community radio stations, written by and mainly starring people with disabilities. Dealing with isolation in lockdown and finding ways to make connections, these were performed with vivacity and a lightness of touch. Re-invention doesn’t have to be the sole preserve of the big players at the BBC.”

2020   Tinniswood Award * best radio drama * Death of a Matriarch by Tanika Gupta

2019   BBC Audio Award • best adaptation • A Tale of Two Cities dram by Ayeesha Menon

2019   Imison Award • best new audio drama • Of a Lifetime by Lulu Raczka

2018   New York Festivals Radio Award • gold radio : best drama special • The Hours dram by Frances Byrnes

2018   Whickers World Foundation RAFA Award • shortlisted with Alex Bulmer for RPA

Still from The Whickers pitching video, 2018
[ Alex Bulmer and Polly Thomas, still from The Whickers RAFA Pitch 2018 video, courtesy The Whickers ]

2017   Audio Production Award • bronze : best drama producer

2017   ARIA Award • shortlisted : best factual programme • Between the Ears : Sounds Like She

2017   BBC Audio Awards • best adaptation • Emile Zola : Blood Sex and Money dram Dan Rebellato

2016   BBC Audio Award • best radio drama • Emile Zola : Blood Sex and Money dram Dan Rebellato season

2015   Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Award

2014   Radio Production Award • silver : best radio drama producer

2013   BBC Audio Award • best series • The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum

2013   Radio Academy Award (Sony Award) • drama : bronze • My Boy by Laura Lomas

2010   Radio Academy Award (Sony Award) • best radio drama producer

2010   Radio Academy Award (Sony Award) • drama : bronze • Divided We Fall (radio) by Mike Harris

2009   Radio Academy Award (Sony Award) • shortlisted • Cavalry by Dan Rebellato

2004   Radio Academy Award (Sony Award) • drama : bronze • Coming Down the Mountain (radio) by Mark Haddon